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ILNRE: Searching for Cash Flow Solutions or Financial Peace? Jodi Henderson Shares How Manulife Can Help

October 10, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard

Steve Dainard talks with Jodi Henderson about how Manulife One can create cash flow solutions and help people find financial peace.


Jodi Henderson is a Business Development Consultant with Manulife Bank in Niagara, ON. She has been a part of the lending business since 2010. Her focus is primarily on the mortgage market, specializing in the Manulife One and Manulife Select products. Before her position with Manulife, Jodi was a registered nurse and worked for a non-profit. The transition to Manulife stemmed from her 12 years of positive experience with the Manulife One product. She is passionate about helping people find information not available elsewhere and seeing the effect which the products and services can have on people’s lives.

Jodi talks about how Manulife One can create cash flow solutions and provide financial peace of mind.

Key points

  • [2:55] Explain how Manulife One finds cash flow solutions.
  • [4:36] What are biggest challenges you’ve faced in the business?
  • [5:06] We need to provide our clients with additional information not found elsewhere.
  • [5:40] Tell us about how you’ve developed your referral network.
  • [6:09] How do you support referral partners?
  • [6:40] The Manulife One product provides peace of mind.
  • [7:49] How can Manulife accounts assist clients with buying investment properties?
  • [8:28] Share a bit about why you believe in the importance of education for clients.
  • [9:21] What are some of the main benefits of the Manulife One product?
  • [11:04] Do you have upcoming initiatives to the mortgage channel?
  • [12:06] What makes the Manulife One product unique?
  • [13:13] Can you explain the sub-account process?
  • [15:38] Does the state of the market affect how Manulife acquires new business?
  • [16:14] How will the recent governmental changes affect Manulife One?
  • [17:09] Tell us about Manulife Select.
  • [18:24] Share more about the flexibility and practicality of Manulife One.
  • [20:01] Are clients required to transfer from their other financial institutions?
  • [20:27] What advice would you give to those looking for a home financing product?



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