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ILNRE: Dayton Davis Explains The Right And Wrong Way To Market Real Estate To Millennials?

September 5, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard

Steve Dainard speaks with Dayton Davis about how he properly use social media and what tactics you should use when marketing to millennials.


Dayton Davis is a Member Program Manager with the Niagara Chamber of Commerce and the host of #CdnMillenials, a weekly Twitter chat series. He started in real estate as a marketer and quickly became a pioneer in the social media space. Over the years Dayton has been featured in many publications such as Canadian Real Estate Magazine. With over $30 million in real estate sales directly linked to his social media platforms, Dayton has perfected the art of social media marketing. Dayton talks with Steve about the different social media platforms available and which ones to use to target a specific audience. He also talks about the psychology of millennials, and what the best tactics are to properly market to them.



Key points

  • [4:15] Social media is not about the hard sell; it’s about the soft sell.
  • [6:41] A millennial is typically anyone between the age of 20-35.
  • [8:30] How has technology effect the buying habits of millennials?
  • [9:30] 90% of people use apps to look at properties.
  • [11:10] Contrary to popular belief, not all millennials want to live in the downtown cores of the cities. Many are flocking to the suburbs.
  • [12:50] How can you leverage your followers?
  • [13:08] There is a platform for every level of consumer.
  • [13:50] The average marketer has 10 seconds to get the attention of millennials while the upcoming generation Z, that number drops to 6 seconds.
  • [15:00] A hard sell would be 80% your content and 20% shares. This is the approach you want to avoid. Soft selling, on the other hand, is the other way around with 80% shares and 20% your content.
  • [15:55] Speak with your community, not at them.
  • [17:07] If you’re looking for professionals, use LinkedIn. If you’re targeting the general public use Twitter. If you want to connect with people use Facebook.
  • [18:55]Nostalgic marketing is a great way to appeal to millennials. The Rio Olympics closing ceremonies was a great example of this when the President of Japan jumped out of a green pipe dressed as Mario.
  • [19:50] What is a Twitter chat?
  • [24:25] Don’t buy Twitter followers.
  • [25:00] Instagram is the huge app for real estate currently.
  • [27:30] When marketing to millennials it's better to help rather than to sell.

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