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ILNRE: Want To Get Started In Real Estate Investment? Kate Babkova Shares The Strategies You Need To Get Started

August 28, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard

Steve Dainard speaks with Kate Babkova about real estate investments, what the major challenges are, and how she used a wholesale investment strategy to get her business started.


Kate Babkova has been a realtor with Keller Williams Complete Realty for 4 years, and she specializes in real estate investments.  At the age of 20, she purchased her first investment property. After she successfully sold the property for a profit, she dove deeper into the world of real estate investments. Kate talks to us about wholesale investment strategies, how networking has been crucial to her success, and what trends she has been seeing in the Hamilton and Niagara markets.



Key points

  • [2:45] Networking provided me with the drive and information I needed to start with real estate investments.
  • [3:30]A wholesale investment strategy is a great way to start when you don’t have any equity.
  • [5:10] Buying a duplex as an investment property can provide great cash flow when you are starting out.
  • [6:08] Was your first transaction the hardest?
  • [7:40] How did you get into real estate?
  • [10:28] Wholesaling is not as popular in Canada as it is in the United States.
  • [11:16] How is the market different in the United States?
  • [11:30] States like Florida have properties that require much less capital to acquire than in Canada.
  • [12:53]Every day comes with its new challenges.
  • [13:10] Different cities have different bylaws.
  • [15:00] What opportunities do you see in Hamilton and Niagara?
  • [15:58] Never stop learning. Surround yourself with professionals who are also investors.
  • [18:13] How do you find inventory?
  • [18:30] It’s very important to find properties before they hit the market; networking is invaluable in finding deals.
  • [19:50] If you have fewer than 5 properties, there’s no reason to incorporate.
  • [20:53] What trends are you seeing in the Hamilton and Niagara market?
  • [21:30] People are looking for items, like modern fixtures and appliances, which give the property a wow factor.
  • [23:37] Make sure your realtor is also an investor. They can understand your investment strategy and help you find the right property.


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