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ILNRE: Want To Live In A Luxury Condo? Janice Campopiano Talks About The Hottest Development In Niagara

August 22, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard

Steve Dainard speaks with Janice Campopiano about the new Upper Vista condo development, and she gives some tips for new realtors looking to get into development projects.



Janice Campopiano has been a realtor with Royal LePage for 3 years. Janice came from the mortgage industry and found the change from mortgage to selling real estate to be very exciting and in line with her passions. She is currently selling units for the new Upper Vista condo development in South Niagara. She talks how she got started in real estate, the Upper Vista Development, and gives advice for realtors looking to get into condo developments.



Key points

    • [2:10]  Tell us about the new Upper Vista condo development and what makes it unique in Niagara.
    • [2:30]  The Upper Vista condo development is right in the middle of the Thundering Waters Golf course located in South Niagara surrounded by the beautiful views of Niagara.
    • [2:40] Plan your day and you will be amazed what you can accomplish.
    • [6:50]  You have to be passionate about what you do. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people.
    • [7:25] There will be 10 floors. The first 2 floors are the indoor parking, pool, lobby, and amenities. Floors 3-7 are 1-2 bedroom plus den units that average 1000 ft2. Floors 8-9 are sub penthouse units that run from 1500-2400 ft2. Floor 10 will have 10 full penthouse suites at 3000 ft2.
    • [9:45] There are no bad units.
    • [10:15] Resale clients can see the finished product, they know exactly what they are buying. With a development, you have to represent the property with drawings and renderings that will represent what the finished product will look like.
    • [13:25] What are the timelines for this development?
    • [13:50] Ground breaks in April 2017 occupancy will start in October 2018.
    • [14:20] What advice would you give to new realtors who want to get into new developments?
    • [14:30] Get in on a new development right away. Be strong and don’t give up. You have to make the effort and know your market.
    • [17:20] The developer believes in the region and plans to continue developing in Niagara.
    • [18:30] What things should you look for in a real estate agent?
    • [18:50] You want a realtor who does a minimum of 20 deals a year.
    • [19:15] You have to be able to tell your agent when you don’t like something.

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