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ILNRE: Brian Karschti Shares 9 Tips For New Agents That You Might Be Overlooking

July 17, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard


Steve Dainard speaks with Brian Karschti, a realtor who has been with Keller Williams for 2 years. He worked in home design and construction, and his passion and energy helped him transition to real estate. 

Brain clients buy and sell in:

  • Mount Hope, St. Catharines, Dundas, Ancaster, Oakville, and Hamilton

Leads and relationships

  • Don’t procrastinate with follow-ups. Waiting months can cost you many opportunities
  • Make leads part of your daily schedule
  • The relationships you build with people are what generate business in the future

Difference between new agents and older agents

  • New agents are hungry to get out there and have the energy to back them up
  • Older agents are finding success by taking advantage of new technology and not being ego driven


  • Print is dead
  • Social media advertising like Google ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube ads are a powerful means of reaching customers, especially the younger crowd
  • It takes more thought to create these campaigns, but you get a more personal targeted touch

Tips for new agents

  • Go all in
  • Spend time on lead generation, this should be your highest priority
  • Forge a strong mindset, it will help you with your business and personal life

Tips for the hot market 

  • When working with a buyer, tell them upfront that the first couple of houses that they look at are unlikely to be won
  • Instead of a home inspection, do a pre-inspection
  • For sellers, it’s best to sell first and then purchase. When you sell your existing property first, you can work with the buyers and avoid being pressured to move

What 3 things would you look for in a realtor?

  • Ask the agent whether real estate is their full-time job or just part time. A part time agent won’t be working for you first
  • Agents willing to hit the pavement by cold calling or going door to door looking for inventory. They have to go beyond looking on MLS alone
  • A good networker


Contact Brian Karschti

Tel: 905-308-8333


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