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ILNRE: Susan Corcoran On The Changing Landscape Of Real Estate In The Niagara Area

July 11, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard


Steve Dainard speaks with Susan Corcoran talks about the influx of agents coming from outside the Niagara area.

Susan started her career in technology working in customer service and sales. Susan has been with Keller Williams for 4 years, having built the Hamilton office from the group up to the 3rd largest brokerage in Hamilton.


  • 96% of searches start online
  • More and more leads are coming from apps
  • It’s more important than ever to have a large database that offers customizable communication

Future of the Niagara area

  • Keller Williams sees a bright future for the Niagara region
  • Lots of opportunity for agents to modernize and adapt to how customers look for homes
  • Agents are traveling from Hamilton/Toronto because it’s worth-while to do so
  • Money is coming from the US/Toronto/International
  • Keller Williams looking into setting up a luxury division

Advice on startups

  • Over time you do get better
  • Your comfort zone grows
  • Entrepreneurial discipline
  • Invest in your business and don’t use it as your personal ATM

What does Keller Williams offer? 

  • KW has a massive workforce with 24 offices in Canada (700 worldwide) with 140,000 agents globally
  • Having such a large workforce means they have top-of-the-line technology and tools
  • Progressive core values that allow agents to feel that it’s worth owning their business and having a life worth living
  • Very welcoming culture
  • Unparalleled education resources
  • Philanthropy is very important. KW Cares is a program that helps realtors in need, from home fires to natural disasters

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