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ILNRE: Jeff Woods Built a Property Management Empire in Under 6 Years

June 27, 2016 | Posted by: Steve Dainard


Jeff is an award winning real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, business owner, and highly sought after real-estate wealth coach, but it was not always that way. Jeff has come from very humble beginnings and overcome a great deal of adversity. Jeff’s passion is in helping others create financial freedom so that they have the power and ability to live life on their terms. Today, Jeff owns a large real estate portfolio throughout Niagara Region and development land in Central America. He manages multiple millions worth of real estate and most recently has created the C.A.R.E Pack that is focused on educating and helping others.


Ask the Expert: Running a Property Management Company

  • the REIN model: Real Estate Investment Network
  • delegate tasks
  • create systems and teams to free up your time
  • successful people invest in 3 things: education, relationships, and assets

Opportunities in Niagara Today?

  • find other sources other than MLS
  • find a property that can deliver 2 things: cash-flow and equity
  • outside investors are invading: Toronto investors are coming in to buy multiple properties
  • what’s your end goal for the property?

Armchair Quarterback: Qualities In a Property Management Company?

  • experience level: how many properties, and for how long?
  • honesty and integrity
  • experience in the specific property type: student rentals vs. apartments, etc

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