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'What's your best 5-year rate?'

April 12, 2018 | Posted by: Steve Dainard

Simple, right?  That used to be the easiest question to answer.  Today, however, the answer is 'it depends'.

After years of new mortgage rules, my best 5-year rate is now dependent on so many variables.  For instance, whether you are looking to purchase (home or rental property), refinance or renew, whether the mortgage is insured/insurable, and current credit score.

These are all factors that will weigh into the answer of 'what's your best 5-year rate'.

While the mortgage world is now more confusing than ever, that doesn't mean that people can't get into their dream homes, consolidate debt, take out equity, or buy a second property.  It just means that if you have an upcoming new mortgage need, we should start earlier.  It's already time to talk if you are:

  • Thinking about buying another home: moving up, downsizing, or picking up a second home, or rental property.
  • Concerned about a large loan or a stubborn credit card balance that is eating away at your cash flow.
  • Interested in using the lowest cost funds possible for a renovation, an investment, tuition, wedding, trip, or other major expenditure. While refinancing may be more difficult for some, I have access to other financing options that can help.
  • Renewing your mortgage within the next 12-monts.

Reach our by phone or email me at any time to set up a conversation so I can help you prepare for the best possible future.

p.s. If you have any home improvement store purchases coming up, I can offer you a no fee cash-back credit card that will give you 5% cash back on those purchases (to a maximum of $250).  I also have a low-rate card that has a 9.9% interest rate and offers 1% cash back on all purchases.

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